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    1. Cara Rose-Randolph

      I am contacting you to announce a Cannabis dot com dispersal sale that you may want to check out before your competitors do.

      I found you on NamePros.

      I am liquidating with direct paypal links beginning today starting at $50 USD.

      Anything without a link may be for sale, just shoot me an offer as I have not yet priced out or decided.

      Thank You
      Have a great one.

    2. Tracy Edmunds


      The user-interface of a website significantly affects how successful a website can be. I’m a freelance web designer looking for clients who take opportunities like these in the hopes to make their business grow. I chose you since I see incredible potential. There’s good opportunity with making some upgrades and redesigning your website. Think about this as a renovation for your online content. Don’t worry about the cost since I cater to mostly small businesses.

      I’m quite certain you’ve got questions for me as well. I’ll be glad to answer them. I’m offering you a free consultation over the phone so I can share some ideas that I have and how I can make it possible for you. I’ll also send you a portfolio of my best work from my ten years of experience as a web developer. Will you be free in the next few days to discuss this matter? Please let me know so we can schedule a call. Talk to you soon!

      Tracy Edmunds


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